We hired Brian to do two large metal internal signs for our offices. It is basically a combination of art and marketing. He was easy to work with, very responsive and most importantly truly interested in making sure we were happy with the final product. The product he created generates a lot of compliments from people who visit our offices — part of the each sign is our lighthouse logo and it looks more like a sculpture than a sign. He was able to do the installation at times that were convenient for us. We are extremely happy with the results and look forward to working with Brian on more projects.

- Rick Tepel
Raley, Watts & O'Neill
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Custom Signworks

It's not just a sign, it's a company heirloom.

Using the vectored logo of your company, Silhouettemetals.com can create an interior sign that can be made from any sheet material , in just about any configuration, and in an almost unlimited upward scale. Once commissioned, each letter or symbol will be cut from the material(s) you have selected and be assembled such that it can utilize the proprietary and patented mounting system. This system has been specifically designed such that an average person, with an average knowledge of simple tools (hand and power) and how to use them, can hang a seven foot wide, fifteen piece sign in about twenty minutes. All sign and artworks have also been designed and constructed so that if you want to paint the wall behind it, you do not need to paint around it. It is as simple as pulling each piece out of the clips in the wall, painting your wall, and putting them back into the same holes. Everything required for shipping, storage, and installation, with the exception of basic tools, will be included with your sign. Silhouettemetals.com will disclaim any and all rights to the logo from which it will be done. The artwork itself will always be your proprietary property. Please contact us to find out what we can do for the image of your business.